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What does RRI mean?

Diversity and


Define your products and

services including a wide range

of stakeholders at the early

stages of your research

Anticipation and


Provide better products

anticipating clients' needs and concerns,

and reflecting on the impacts

created by your strategy

Openness and


Establish open relations with consumers:

favouring transparency in your processes

of research and innovation can benefit

your business

Responsiveness and

Adaptive Change

Adapt your organisation's structure and

systems attending to changing circumstances,

insights and stakeholder values


By improving human living standards and

addressing fairness, equity and quality,

companies impact positively on society


Gender Equality

According to all EU regulations and policies,

gender balance at all levels should be

a priority for any organisation


Companies should implement policies and norms

to align their interests with the needs of society


key issues

should be

taken into


Open Access

Openness and shared knowledge could lead to

new ways of inspiration, innovation and profit

Public Engagement

Society should be taken into account regarding its

responsibility over industry and over gaining profit

and knowledge through collaboration

Science Education

The jobs of tomorrow are created today,

and the people who will work in them need to

be fully aware of the responsibility they entail


Training resource
How to put RRI into practice

How to embed the RRI principles

in a business plan

RRI criteria

for investors


responsibility tools

The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for the Business & Industry

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