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Ten steps to innovative dissemination

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 12 July 2018

Ten steps to innovative dissemination. OpenUP project. Tony Ross-Hellauer; Michela Vignoli; Elisabeth Lex; Hrvoje Lucic; Peter Kraker; Rainer Bachleitner; Viltė Banelytė; Edit Gorogh; Ilire Hasani- Mavriqi; Daniela Luzi; Roberta Ruggieri; Lucio Pisacane; Electra Sifacaki; Vilius Stanciauskas; Mappet Walker. Poster presented at LIBER's 47th Annual Conference, 4-6 July 2018 in Lille, France.

Research dissemination in the 21st Century isn't just articles, books and conference presentations. Open Science shows the way ahead towards dissemination that is participatory, innovative and reaches beyond the boundaries of academia. OpenUP is studying key aspects of the shifting review-disseminate-assess landscape. We here present 10 easy steps to innovative dissemination for researchers.