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Leading Groups Online | a down-and-dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings & events during the coronavirus pandemic

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 30 June 2020
Last modified on 30 June 2020

Jeanne Rewa and Daniel Hunter


The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for facilitators and educators. Across the globe, people are being asked to lead groups online: teachers, trainers, professors, event managers, organizers, activists.

Using their combined two decades of online facilitation, Jeanne and Daniel walk you through the basics of how to lead sessions online. They give you their top 10 principles for leading online groups, introduce you to interactive tools you can lead online, and answer commonly asked questions.

With this guide, you will be ready to successfully transition your face-to-face events for warmer online spaces. The journey to leading groups online can be a challenge — but it is made much easier with these tips.



The situation: An introduction

The basics: 10 key principles

  • 1. Be you.
  • 2. Practice the technology
  • 3. Minimize people’s multitasking
  • 4. Engage frequently and in varied ways
  • 5. Manage energy
  • 6. Honor people’s emotional state in this crisis
  • 7. Track participation
  • 8. Let people know you “see” them
  • 9. Oppression is compounded by technology
  • 10. Release yourself and your group of perfection

The tools: online session activities 

The transition: Moving your plans online

The template: Sample slides for a live session

The nitty-gritty: Frequently asked questions

  • What technology should I use for facilitating meetings and webinars online?
  • How can our group make decisions online?
  • How do we ensure equal access, especially with people who cannot see or people who cannot hear?
  • How can we lead multilingual groups?
  • What do I do when some people are together and some people are online?
  • The group is going to be very large — over 40 people. How do we handle very large groups?
  • I’m worried about tech problems. How do I react when they occur?
  • What are common technology problems — and how to fix them?

Finding Steady Ground

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