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The inGenious database

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

European Schoolnet (EUN) and European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT)

The inGenious website offers theoretical (papers, reports) and practical (dissemination material, videos, games, hands-on lesson plans) resources for schools, companies, and policymakers interested in developing initiatives and programs to improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and access to STEM careers. The website provides a code of conduct for school–industry collaborations and a guide to STEM careers for parents. In addition, it houses the inGenious database—a searchable, living repository of practices and policies already implemented in one or more countries.

The website’s resources were developed within the inGenious project, which focuses on how industry–school cooperative initiatives can stimulate student interest in STEM education and careers. Such initiatives can improve the image of STEM careers, encourage students to think about the wide range of opportunities in STEM, and address and anticipate future skills gaps within the European Union. The inGenious repository contributes to the sustainability of the European Coordinating Body in STEM Education and to closing the gap between STEM education and industry.

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The database is searchable by keyword, category, country, education level, language and subject. Practices and policies are described clearly and extensively in a well-structured, user-friendly way. Since the practices and policies apply to a wide variety of contexts and activities, specific requirements and necessary time frames will vary.

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All practices and policies have been developed and implemented/tested in one or more countries and contexts. The resources are flexible and can be applied in different geographical contexts, industry sectors, and school grades. Some material is available in multiple languages.

Teachers can browse through dozens of practices to find inspiration for new ideas or to find activities and resources to test in their classrooms. Policymakers and industrial partners can directly review a practice’s success, which may provide valuable insight to better analyse and adapt solutions. In addition, taking a look at available policies may spark new ideas or raise awareness of ideas already in practice.

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