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FoTRRIS platform for co-creation of Project Ideas

Uploaded by Jelena Mazaj on 30 June 2017
Last modified on 30 June 2017

Designed and hosted by the Complutense University of Madrid in the frames of the Horizon 2020 Fostering a Transition towards Responsible Research and Innovation Systems

The FoTRRIS online platform is now available from the FoTRRIS website, under the “resources” header. 

This platform allows the FoTRRIS’ transition arenas and their related competence cells in our five countries (Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Spain) to work collaboratively on designing a co-RRI research project concept.

Transition arenas are spaces where various actors (research, civil society, business, policy, others) can work together on unravelling the causes of grand societal challenges and develop research project to address and solve these challenges, in a responsible way. FoTRRIS partners support these actors through this process, bringing in their co-RRI and facilitation skills, that’s why we call them the “competence cells”.

The online platform embodies a specific architecture consisting of various phases, supported by various tools to guide users in this process, such as a collaborative pad and a chat box. It also serves as a repository to document the process.

Using this plarform participants can co-create projects, interact with other users and faster creation of impact in the research & innovation field. 

The platform is tested by the Project Partners and is available for use by others in 6 languages!

We wish you productive and resultative co-creation!


Spanish, English, Dutch, Hungarian, French, Italian

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