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Citizen science for all - A guide for citizen science practitioners

Uploaded by Michaela Shields on 05 December 2016
Last modified on 05 December 2016

GEWISS Programme
Citizens Create Knowledge – Knowledge Creates Citizens (BürGEr schaffen WISSen –
Wissen schafft Bürger, GEWISS)


Lisa Pettibone, Katrin Vohland, Aletta Bonn, Anett Richter, Wilhelm Bauhus,
Birgit Behrisch, Rainer Borcherding, Miriam Brandt, François Bry, Daniel Dörler,
Ingrid Elbertse, Falko Glöckler, Claudia Göbel, Susanne Hecker, Florian Heigl,
Michael Herdick, Sarah Kiefer, Thekla Kluttig, Elisabeth Kühn, Katarina Kühn,
Silke Oldorff, Kristin Oswald, Oliver Röller, Clemens Schefels, Anne Schierenberg,
Willi Scholz, Anke Schumann, Andrea Sieber, René Smolarski, Klaus Tochtermann,
Wolfgang Wende, David Ziegler

This guide is titled "Citizen science for all - A guide for citizen science practitioners" has been published in June 2016 in print and online. It contains many practical hints, including a checklist for carrying out citizen science projects. The topic "Citizen Science in the Humanities and Cultural Sciences" is devoted to a separate section. The activities of the historical and genealogical associations are briefly acknowledged - and the existence of hundreds of kilometers of historical sources from the past thousand years in archives and libraries is also mentioned.

This guide describes how citizen science is practiced in Germany and how this participatory approach can be used in different research disciplines and issue areas – such as education, conservation or the arts and humanities.

This guide is primarily intended for those initiating citizen science projects, but also for anyone participating in such projects. This includes scientists working in research institutions who would like to collaborate with citizens, as well as individuals and society-based groups such as independent scientific groups, associations or other NGOs. This publication is the result of intense collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders in the citizen science community within the Citizens Create Knowledge (BürGEr schaffen WISSen, GEWISS) project. It is based on insights gained at our dialogue forums and other events. Some stories about projects were contributed from participants in our storytelling workshop and a storytelling session at the Citizen Science Forum in March 2016. 


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English, Deutsch
Beginner, Practitioner, Master

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