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Atlas of Social Innovation | 2nd Volume: A World of New Practices

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Atlas of Social Innovation | 2nd Volume: A World of New Practices. Eds. Jürgen Howaldt, Christoph Kaletka, Antonius Schröder & Marthe Zirngiebl. oekom verlag GmbH. October 2019.

The Atlas of Social Innovation series provides a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted manifestations and practices of social innovation from a global perspective. This second volume brings together leading experts of the field. In 43 articles, the atlas gives new insights into current trends of social innovation research and its connection to other schools of thought and research traditions. The conceptual underpinnings of the contributions draw upon the experiences of a variety of disciplines contributing to the rich, multi-layered nature of the phenomenon. By building up a knowledge repository for a growing community of practitioners, policy makers and researchers, the book opens up new avenues to unfold the potential of social innovation.


  • Preface: Atlas of Social Innovation - Allowing Perspectives Beyond Silo Thinking | Louise Pulford
  • Introducing the Atlas of Social Innovation | Jürgen Howaldt / Christoph Kaletka / Antonius Schröder / Marthe Zirngiebl 


  • From Innovation to X-innovation to Critical Innovation | Benoît Godin 
  • Rethinking Innovation: Social Innovation as Important Part of a New Innovation Paradigm | Jürgen Howaldt
  • Transformative Innovation Policy & Social Innovation | Johan Schot / Alejandra Boni / Matias Ramirez / Carla Alvial-Palavicino
  • Social Innovation and Public Policy | Lars Hulgård / Silvia Ferreira 
  • Plurality and Effects of the Sharing Economy | Johanna Mair / Georg Reischauer 
  • Social and Business Innovations: Linked in Practice – But Two Worlds Apart in Theorising? | Attila Havas
  • Social and Digital Innovations: Creative Interactions Responding to the Multilevel Challenges of Employment | Laura Gomez / Antonia Caro / Aitor Almeida / Marta Enciso / Ane Irizar
  • Complementing Digitalisation with Workplace Innovation | Frank Pot / Steven Dhondt / Peter Oeij / Diana Rus / Peter Totterdill 
  • Innovation Reloaded – The Social Character of  Digitalisation in Industry | Michael Kohlgrüber / Antonius Schröder
  • Creating and Exploiting a Digital Space for Social Innovation | Matthias Weber
  • The Maker Movement's Potential for an Inclusive Society | Ingo Bosse / Daniel Krüger / Hanna Linke / Bastian Pelka
  • Social Innovations in the Urban Context: Different Types of Local Social Innovations | Taco Brandsen / Adalbert Evers
  • Bottom-Linked Governance and Socially Innovative Political Transformation | Frank Moulaert / Diana MacCallum / Pieter Van den Broeck / Marisol Garcia
  • The Transition Movement and Social Innovation | Noel Longhurst
  • How Transformative Innovation Movements Contribute to Transitions | Flor Avelino / Lara Monticelli / Julia M. Wittmayer 
  • Away from Home: How Social Innovations Respond to Migration | Jeremy Millard
  • Social Innovation in Social Work | Anne Parpan-Blaser / Matthias Hüttemann
  • Multifaceted Social Innovations Tackling Food Wastage for Sustainable Development | Olatz Ukar / Héctor Barco / Marta Enciso / Antonia Caro
  • Co-Design for Society in Innovation | Alessandro Deserti / Jennifer Eckhardt / Christoph Kaletka / Francesca Rizzo / Eva Wascher
  • The Contribution of Social Sciences and Humanities to Social Innovation | Klaus Schuch
  • Indicators for Measuring Social Innovation | Maria Kleverbeck / Gorgi Krlev / Georg Mildenberger / Simone Strambach / Jan-Frederik Thurmann / Judith Terstriep / Laura Wloka


  • Social Innovation in Australia: Policy and Practice Developments | Jo Barraket
  • Social Innovation in the Brazilian Context: A Continental Country in Search of Transformation
  • Manuela Rösing Agostini / Claudia Cristina Bitencourt / Gabriela Zanandrea
  • The Relevance of Social Innovation in Mexico | Ivón Cepeda-Mayorga / Gabriela Palavicini
  • Social Innovation in Japan | Ken Aoo
  • Canada’s Social Innovation Ecosystem Shifts into High Gear | Tim Draimin / Stephen Huddart
  • Enacting Social Innovation in Scottish Welfare: Regional Challenges | Fiona Henderson
  • Social Innovation in Spain: The Leading Role of Civil Society | Javier Ramos
  • Switzerland: Tech Beacon Discovers Social Innovation | Claudia Franziska Brühwiler
  • Social Enterprises Contributing to Social Innovation | Nicole Göler von Ravensburg / Gorgi Krlev / Georg Mildenberger
  • Social Innovation Labs - A Seedbed for Social Innovation | Eva Wascher / Christoph Kaletka / Jürgen Schultze
  • Living Labs for Social Innovation | Mónica Edwards-Schachter
  • Promoting Social Innovation: The Experience of the IDB I-Lab | Carlos Guaipatin
  • Bridging the Gap between Academia and Practice: Social Innovation through Knowledge Exchange | Mark Majewsky Anderson / Dmitri Domanski / Sabrina Janz
  • Social Innovation Route: A Method to Innovate with the Territories | Leonor Avella Bernal
  • Harnessing and Realizing Social Innovation for RTOs – A Social Foresight Lab Approach | Fabian Schroth / Martina Schraudner
  • Ten Years of Research and Innovation for Social Inclusion in the Uruguayan Public University: Policy Lessons Learned | Judith Sutz / Cecilia Tomassini / Camila Zeballos / María Goñi / Matías Rodales 
  • Social Innovation Ecosystems and Cities: Co-Construction of a Collaborative Platform | Carolina Andion / Graziela Alperstedt / Júlia Graeff
  • The Australian Centre for Social Innovation: Ten Years, Nine Patterns | Chris Vanstone 


  • Social Innovation and Community-Led Social Transformation: Som Energia and New Cooperatives in Spain | Sergio Belda-Miquel / Victoria Pellicer-Sifres / Alejandra Boni 
  • Citizens Commissioning Art: An Innovative Social and Cultural Policy Practice | Alexander Koch
  • Strengthening the Social Innovation Community | Madeleine Gabriel / Christoph Kaletka
  • Co-Producing a European Social Innovation Declaration | Sophie Reynolds / Madeleine Gabriel








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