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Self-reflection Tool

Please note that this Self-reflection Tool does not offer yet suggested resources according to your answers. We are working hard to provide you with this functionality by JULY 2016. Nevertheless, we hope this tool will help you to reflect on how RRI is your own practice.

What is RRI? Whats aspects of RRI are important in your work and already taken into account?

Which aspects need more reflection and consideration?

Have a try and reflect on the implementation of RRI in your daily working environment and on which strategies are most useful for your individual practice. Step by step, this tool will guide you through six policy agendas, offering you various questions targeting different aspects. Feel free to start with any of the policy agendas, but try to tackle all of them. This will be important if you would like to gain the integrated approach of RRI, including the process dimensions.  Have a try and use the Self-Reflection Tool!
For a detailed guideline check how to use this tool
For working offline download a blank SR sheet here