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Are you a newcomer to RRI?
What does RRI mean?

Diversity and


Be sensitive to research biases,

seek originality, include diverse

voices and make results

beneficial to a wider community

Anticipation and


Think on the purposes and

possible implications of your

research and its results, and

consider alternative methods

Openness and


Share objectives, methods and

results, be realistic about limits

and mistakes, and inform about

conflicts of interests

Responsiveness and

Adaptive Change

Be flexible to changes and

external inputs, adapting your

research plans to changing

social values and expectations


Integrity and ethics in research are required from

both institutions and individuals

Gender Equality

Considering the gender dimension in research

content, human resources and decision-making

fosters excellence


Science is such an important enterprise that it

needs all actors to share responsibility for it

What key

issues should

be taken into


Open Access

Unrestricted access to research results allows

broader and deeper impact and is a key dimension

of Science 2.0 and Open Science 

Public Engagement

Involve an enriching diversity of actors,

depending on the stage, nature or process of

your research

Science Education

A critical, science-literate society and engaged

new generations are essential to support the

science of tomorrow

Training resource
How to put RRI into practice

How to incorporate the RRI

principles in a funding call

How to incorporate RRI in

policy/funding institutions

How to set up collaboratively

a research agenda

How to design a RRI-oriented

project proposal

How to co-create


participatory research

How to incorporate RRI in

higher education institutions

How to embed RRI

in citizen science

(to be confirmed at a later stage)

The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for the Research Community

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