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What does Gender Equality in RRI mean?

Promoting gender balanced

research teams

Breaking down

gender stereotypes

Raising awareness

for gender-sensitive investment

& funding

Ensuring gender-friendly

workplace cultures

Considering the gender

dimension in research

and innovation

Gender balance in

decision making

Policy Makers

Equality between women and men is one of

the European Union's fundamental values. The

Union shall aim to promote it in all its activities,

including legislation

Research Community

Gender equality is a priority in the European Research

Area and a cross-cutting issue in Horizon 2020. It

entails fostering gender balance in research teams,

ensuring it in decision-making, and integrating the

gender dimension in R&I content

Education Community

There is the opportunity of overcoming

gender stereotypes in science from an early

stage of education

Why is it


according to

your R&I


Business & Industry

Gender equality is a cross-cutting priority that

affects industries' traditional structures, offering

new business opportunities, responding better to

customers needs, and enhancing the creative

potential of producers

Civil Society Organisations

Ensuring everybody's needs and realities are

taken into consideration irrespective of gender,

contributing to outputs that add value to society

by improving social inclusion and citizen's


Training resource
How to put Gender Equality into practice

Ensuring gender balance

in R&I teams

Promoting gender balance

in decision-making

Reflecting on and integrating the

gender dimension in R&I content

Embedding gender equality

in research proposals

​The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for Gender Equality

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